Dear Assured Members,

This is to inform you that, all our steps restoration of business and the status still in work in progress.

Since the process is getting delayed, we are expecting it would take some time.

For the alternative, like we said like minded and who got trust and faith with ACS have coming forward by supporting financial to start trading business and by which will strat refund.

Refund process will be expected to get from 1st week of June 2019 (Firmly and Surely) and with regard to office opening also we are taking steps with landlord is in pipeline.

The refund will be started on LIFO basis (Last in First Out basis) Which means first preference will be given to members not received any benefits.

The refund process will be in batch by batch, and it will be announced well in advance in website.

The refund process will be slow but stable and steady.

At this painful time, We request you all extend the support and thanking you for the patienece at this challenging time.


Assured Capital Services.